Battling skin conditions

Acne, black heads, painful boils, and other skin eruptions not only make you feel introverted and socially embarrassed, they are an indication of a larger problem. When your skin is suffering in some way, a critical underlying situation is going on. If ignored, it could become seriously damaging over time. There are three major causes of the above mentioned conditions.

1. Poor functioning kidneys, liver, or lungs: 2. Toxic bowels. 3. Acidosis conditions.

Usually it is a combination of all three. Here’s how it works…your skin is an enormous elimination organ. When toxins build up in any other elimination organ (kidneys, liver, lungs, bowels), the body needs to find a way to get rid of the toxicity in an effort to try to keep these organs working properly. Also, if your body is too acidic, skin problems develop due to the extra irritation from the acid trying to exit the pores.

So now that we understand how it works, let’s discuss how to get rid of the problem for good.

It is important to know that applying different things to the surface of your skin may help to lessen the eruptions, but once you stop using it, the eruptions will come back with a vengeance. Why? Essentially, you are not allowing the toxins to be eliminated. So then when given a chance to eliminate, your body will dump toxins as quickly as possible. Also, the entire time you are using the product, your organs are still suffering. The healthiest way to beautiful skin is by eliminating toxins from the inside out.

1. First and foremost…keep your body at a normalized pH by getting at least five servings of veggies each day (if this seems a daunting task, use a quality greens powder like Dynamic Greens to flood your body with optimal "live" nutrients), and eating as close to nature as possible (no processed or "fast" foods). This will take care of the acidosis issues.

2. Secondly, Feed your microbes. Truly your body is made up of MOSTLY bacteria. Cells that live in you but aren’t necessarily YOU. We are more bacteria than human cells! So if you’ve got the wrong kind growing inside you, your body will suffer. Eating a fork full of raw fermented veggies each meal and taking a quality probiotic is essential. Getting the “bugs” working for you will clear up skin (along with many other health issues) faster than anything else!

3. Next, if you are not moving your bowels at least once per day, you are CONSTIPATED. This is toxic bowel. Refer back to #1 to take care of this.

4. Make sure you get enough pure clean (not tap) water to filter your kidneys, liver, and lungs. Remember, for every 8 ounces. of caffeinated beverage, you need 16 ounces of water to replenish what was lost.

5. Keep your blood flowing. Yes, of course exercising in your favorite way is the key to healthy lymphatic flow and toxin release. 

If you are someone who has been following these five, and are still having problems, or if you have had skin problems for a long time, it is not only important, it is essential to perform a proper detoxification.

Buyer beware on the cleanses and detoxes available on the market today. Most of them break down to be just laxatives. These do not eliminate toxins. Many of them lack essential protein as well. Talk to your natural health care provider in order to find the right detox for your system.

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