• The Fluoride Threat!
    You may have heard Dr. Allen or myself speak of the problems with heavy metals and chemicals in tap water.  In light of recent questions and concerns with fluoride, I Read more
  • Healthy Eating on a Budget
    Hey everyone, it’s Jaclyn here with Advanced Health. Some of you may have met me at the clinic and others may have seen some of my videos. For those of you Read more
  • Breast cancer prevention
    The key to this topic is the word "prevention." Cancer, in general, is not declining as a desease. To put it bluntly, we are not winning the war against it Read more
  • Improve your sleep
    There is an old Chinese proverb that states, "Only when one cannot sleep does one know how long the night is."If you have ever had problems sleeping, you can relate to this proverb. Read more
  • Nutritional Supplements, Part 1: The Basics
    It’s time for a series of articles on what I believe to be one of the most important components to proper health and wellness. Vitamins, minerals and all other supplements Read more
  • The pros of probiotics
    In order to discuss the wonderful world of probiotics, we must first enter the realm of bacteria. First, let’s recognize that there are two main categories of bacteria. For simplicity’s sake Read more
  • Nutritional Supplements, Part 3: Calcium
    Since calcium currently is the most commonly purchased supplement in the U.S., I decided it would make a wonderful addition to our discussions on the nutritional supplement topic. Did you know Read more
  • Battling skin conditions
    Acne, black heads, painful boils, and other skin eruptions not only make you feel introverted and socially embarrassed, they are an indication of a larger problem. When your skin is Read more
  • The need for prevention
    President Obama understands that if we want to make health care affordable to everyone (namely the 45 million Americans who do not have health insurance at all), then it is Read more
  • A guide to depression
    Americans now spend more money on anti-depressants than the gross national product of two-thirds of the world’s countries, yet studies consistently show that in up to 70 percent of the Read more
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month
    October is breast cancer awareness month. I’m sure you’ve noticed the many products that have donned pink in their support of this veritable cause. Purchasing products that donate proceeds to Read more
  • The Nose Knows
    Did you know that the business of Full-Sensory Branding (the practice of scent marketing), using specially-formulated fragrances to make you buy unrelated products and services, has more than quadrupled in Read more
  • Examining the superfoods
    We all know that eating fruits and vegetables improves health, but is all produce created equal? Let’s discuss the best of the best, the superfoods. With superior disease fighting capabilities, immune Read more
  • Treat your headache naturally
    If you have ever found yourself with your eyes closed and your hands massaging your temples to try to calm down a surging head pain, you are not alone. At any Read more
  • Eat fat, get skinny?
    As Americans, we have been told over and over again not to eat fat... fat makes us unhealthy, right? Well, once again it is time to get down to the Read more
  • The coffee dilemma
    We have been hearing conflicting views on coffee and whether or not it is good for us for many years. Well, by now you know how I am. I’m all Read more

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