• Yogurt Lamb Kebabs
    Yogurt Lamb Kebabs   Recipe Type: SupperServes: 4With only 15 minutes of marinating time, these yogurt lamb kebabs result in an incredibly moist and juicy meal.Ingredients 1 1/2 pounds lamb, well trimmed Read more
  • Baked Oatmeal Rice
    Baked Oatmeal Rice   Recipe Type: SupperServes: 4Nutritious and tasty way to start you day.Ingredients 2 cups oatmeal or cooked brown rice2 cups milk, raw or organic4 eggs1/4 cup melted coconut oil1/2 Read more
  • Fried Eggs
      Fried Eggs   Recipe Type: SupperServes: 1This is for those of you that prefer traditional fried eggs that are looking to save time. Follow this recipe for amazing fried eggs that Read more
  • Garbanzo Bean Pancakes
      Garbanzo Bean Pancakes   Recipe Type: SupperServes: 4Everyone loves pancakes every once in awhile, why not try a healthier version made with garbanzo bean flour with this delicious Garbanzo Bean Pancake Read more
  • Oatmeal Pancakes
    Oatmeal Pancakes   Recipe Type: BreakfastServes: 4Maybe it is the old fashioned oats used to make these pancakes, or the fact that it is only egg whites as opposed to whole Read more
  • Poor Man's Steak
      Poor Man's Steak   Recipe Type: BreakfastIngredientsInstructions Read more
  • Wild Salmon Hash
      Wild Salmon Hash   Recipe Type: BreakfastServes: 4This yummy combo of flavors can be served topped with any style of eggs and garnished with chives.Ingredients Roasted red potatoes:1 1/2 pound small red Read more
  • No-guilt holiday desserts
    You’ve heard me talk extensively about the addictive qualities of sugar, as well as sugar’s detrimental effects on your health. Aside from the obvious issues, such as diabetes and weight Read more
  • Going Green
    We are continually hearing more and more about the failing health of our earth. When it comes to helping out and doing our part for this planet, most of us Read more
  • Life Without Grains
    Would you like to be free of digestive distress, excess weight, headaches, and confusion?  If your answer is YES, your first step is to get rid of the grains!  But Read more
  • Weight Loss Motivation - Kickstart Your Motivator
    You’ve heard me speak of the importance of setting goals.  The only issue to understand now is how to get yourself motivated enough to set them and continue to achieve Read more
  • The 7 Deadly Sins
    I recently came across an article talking about how the following foods can be detrimental to your health.  I wanted to pass this information on!  Please let your friends and Read more
  • America's Belly Ache
    You may recall us discussing before that skin is directly affected by the digestive system.  Let's  back up a little as far as just how important your digestive system actually Read more
  • Beverage Blunders
    With summertime comes much opportunity for reunions, weddings, and just nonchalant gatherings of every kind.  With gatherings come the many decisions to be made on what to drink.  Obviously, filtered Read more
  • Groceries on a Personal Level
    People seem to ask me all the time what my shopping list consists of.  I always reply, "Simple, protein, veggies, and good fat!"  Well, that doesn't seem to suffice, so Read more
  • Rapid Weight Loss, is it Safe?
    If you haven't heard the hype by now, you're probably living in a bubble.  The latest weight loss rocket booster comes in a liquid homeopathic form called hCG (human Chorionic Read more

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