• Just Be
    At the very end of yoga class this morning, our amazingly intuitive instructor reminded us during our final pose that we have many moments in life.   Some are wonderful high Read more
  • Seasonal Cleansing
    We have discussed in the past how it is important to detoxify your body at least twice per year.  Once in the spring and once in the fall.  Looking at Read more
  • Skin Conditions
    Various skin conditions have been extremely common in my practice lately and because the underlying cause is largely due to the same issues, I decided to address it all here.  Read more
  • The Sway Test
    Let's face it, we earned our mark as the fattest nation in the world somehow, right?  Instead of getting into the politics and tactics of the FDA and Big Pharma, Read more
  • The Revitalizer
    I have a challenge for you today.  If you have been to any of my classes lately, you will know I have been using a fun little technique I call Read more
  • The Salt Situation
    The truth is, its all about balance people.  I have come to the realization that we seem to be on either one extreme or the other when it comes to Read more
  • Tips for a Healthy Winter
    Here we go again with cold and flu season.  The other day someone asked me what I do to keep my family healthy through the winter.  Here are some of Read more
  • Kelp Chips
    Kelp Chips  Recipe Type: SnackProtect yourself from radiation and heavy metals! Eat your kelp!!!Ingredients 1/2 c raw cashews, hemp seed, or brazil nuts (soaked overnight is best)1/2 c spring water1 lime (peeled)1 Read more
  • Kombucha Superfood Smoothie
    1 handfull of whatever greens you have in the fridge (collard, beet leaves, lettuce, kale...) 1c Chaga Tea 1/2 c Kombucha (we use our homemade stuff but you can purchase Read more
  • Chaga, Your Secret to a Long Healthy Life
    Do You Chaga? Here's the deal, if you haven't incorporated medicinal mushrooms into your daily diet yet, you are certainly missing one of the most beneficial and all natural molecular compounds Read more
  • The Skin and Digestion Connection
    The Skin and Digestion Connection Various skin conditions have been extremely common in my practice lately and because the underlying cause is largely due to the same issues, I decided to Read more
  • Superfoods: The Best of the "Best"!
    We know that organically grown produce is the best way to feed the body. But are all “good” foods created equal? Well, there is, indeed, the best of the “best.” Read more
  • What's So Marvelous About the Acai Berry?
    These dark purple acai berries, from the rain forest in Brazil — as well as other tropical locations — offer some amazing health benefits: 1. Antioxidant source: Contains anthocyanin and bursts Read more
  • Cabbage...A Superfood???
    Cabbage is readily available, inexpensive, low-cal, and there are many ways to get it into your diet. Like all cruciferous vegetables, it supplies Vitamin C and generous amounts of fiber. Read more
  • The Stress is Killing Me
    The Stress is Killing Me We have all heard people say that, but did you have any idea how true it is? I can't help but wonder what is going on Read more
  • Meditation Myths Exposed
    Meditation Myths Exposed What meditation is: Wikipedia defines it as "A practice in which an individual trains the mind and/or induces a mode of consciousness to realize some benefit, although it can Read more

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