• How To Be Successful at Losing Weight
    Have you ever looked for the perfect diet? This is the time of the year when people are searching! There are many choices: the low-carb, low-fat, or high-protein approaches, raw Read more
  • Success Has It's Critical Factor
    If you are going to be a true success inside and out, you must make time for yourself. This is not an option.  It is a MUST.  You need to Read more
  • Cabbage...AGAIN??? Spotlight on RED
    Red cabbage differs from green cabbage in color, of course, but it also has a special flavor as well as substantial amounts of Vitamins A, C, and K. Here is Read more
  • Could Alzheimer's and Diabetes Be Related?
    The Alzheimer’s Diabetes Link We already know that having diabetes type 2 increases our risk of many other conditions such as kidney failure, stroke, heart disease, amputation, and even blindness. Now Read more
  • Could the Economy Be Causing Your Health Crisis?
    We cite three component parts of sound health: physical wellness, chemical wellness, and emotional wellness. The physical aspect includes keeping the body fit and free of injury. The chemical side relates Read more
  • There Are Always Opportunities...ALWAYS!
    You ask, “What can I do?” 1. If you need more office space or a larger home, NOW may be the time to look. Good deals are often available when properties Read more
  • Expanding Your Food Budget the SMART way!
    Savvy homemakers look for creative ways to stretch the dollar in times of economic pressure. These suggestions can keep money in your pocket: 1. Buy staples in 50# bags and split Read more
  • A Perspective On Gratefulness
    A Perspective on Gratefulness I recently returned from a trip to a 3rd world country. I had my own agenda related to business (and of course a little fun), but I Read more
  • Are You Tired of Hiding Behind a Mask?
    How much time do you spend wondering what others think or trying to conceive of how you can win their approval? If your mind travels in this path, you most Read more
  • 3 Steps to Realizing a Fulfilled Way of Life
    There is a cycle that consists of finding your own place of steadiness, extending your upbeat spirit to those around you to enliven them, and, finally, the circle is completed. Read more
  • Minestrone Soup: A Time-honored Winter Favorite
    Minestrone Soup: A Time-honored Winter Favorite  Prepare 1/2 C gluten-free pasta. Set aside. Ingredients: 2T EVOO 2 C chopped onion 5 cloves garlic, minced 1 stalk celery, minced 1 medium carrot, diced Read more
  • Achieving Your Purpose and Success!
    Achieving Your Purpose and Success Take a moment to picture in your head someone you know who is successful. Not just someone wealthy, but true success.  Someone who has a strong Read more
  • Coconut Oil: The King of Fats!
    We hope you have not lost sight of just how nutritionally valuable coconut oil is! Due to its high saturated fat content, this oil previously — and mistakenly — came under attack. Read more
  • Healthy Chocolate Biscotti
    Healthy Chocolate Biscotti  We all need comfort foods to offset winter blues now and then. Boost your spirits by enjoying this healthy version of biscotti. Take it a notch higher by inviting Read more
  • Allergies, Sinuses, and Scratchy Throats
    When dealing with seasonal allergies, dry coughs and scratchy or sore throats, we must remember that the effected tissues are a little different than other tissues in our body. These Read more
  • The Easy Way to a Younger You
    Secrets to the Longevity Mystery have finally arrived! Well, it's true.  Scientific research has validated oxidative stress as the root cause of degenerative processes (aging) in the body.  What exactly is Read more

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