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  • How To Become a Home Based Athlete
    You don't need a gym to achieve overall fitness! Many people have good intentions of regularly getting to the gym for workouts, but it generally doesn’t happen. They cite a lack Read more
  • Handling Your Chronic Stress
    There are two types of emotional stress. Positive stress as in the case of a marriage or birth, and negative stress as a job loss or death. Your body does Read more
  • A Dressing to LIVE By!
    Eat generous amounts of greens as part of your anti-fungal diet (or just because a good salad is always a good idea). Then add this dressing, which will not undermine Read more
  • Dialing in the focus factor to increase your ZEST for life!
    It’s never ending ... texts, emails, cell phones that keep us on call 24/7, Facebook, and Twitter! Do you feel like a ping pong ball? Are you winded without doing anything Read more
  • Best RAW broccoli soup on the planet!
    C'mon, you know you need to eat more raw broccoli.  But just picking up a head and chewing on it just doesn't do it for me either.  The more raw Read more
  • Beverage Blunders
    Spring is in the air which means summer HAS to be just around the corner.   With summertime comes much opportunity for reunions, weddings, and just nonchalant gatherings of every kind.  With Read more
  • There Is Fungus Among Us!
      Our immune systems face ubiquitous challenges - assaults that are met at every turn! Mold, fungi, mildew, and Candida/yeast are the culprits. When a human dies, these organisms perform the Read more
  • Override your exercise excuses and get fast results!
    Three Types of Training Does It! Three training methods will help you to achieve optimal fitness: 1. Resistance Training: Move creatively with your bands/tubing, dumbbells, or kettlebell. Another great resistance workout is Read more
  • Q-Disc WiFi and Cell Phone EMF Protection
    Q-Disc 3.0 is finally here! For All Cell Phones Ultra-thin, high polarity disc: the ultimate in cell-phone harmonization for any type of cell phone. Simply peel off the adhesive and place it Read more
  • Handling Your Shoulder Problem
    Mechanical dysfunction of the shoulder is becoming a problem of near epic proportions.  From the child athlete to the weekend warrior; therapy, cortisone injections, and surgeries for this joint are Read more
  • Guided Brainwave Entrainment Deep Relaxation Meditation
    Cathy Lumsden, psychotherapist, researcher, international speaker has 25 years plus of experience counselling over 100,000 individual adults, families, teenagers and children.  She offers a guided meditation, tastefully woven into gentle music, Read more
  • Two Scrumptious Living Food Recipes
    Make it your mission to increase the incidences of eating foods just as they come from nature. Energizing Elixir 1⁄4 cup berries 2T raw unsweetened coconut shavings 1⁄4 cup raw walnuts or Read more
  • Look Out for the Needs of Your Body!
    It asks for an abundance of LIVE foods. Make it a priority to daily consume as much food as possible as it comes from nature.  This is where the enzymes are Read more
  • The Importance of Living Foods and ENZYMES
    ln a culture of fad diets and fat-buster “seemingly” magic pills, we would like to state that there is only one sane path to improved weight, health, vitality, and happiness. Read more
  • How to Enjoy Safer, Cheaper, More Effective Healthcare
    Do you need safer, cheaper, more effective health care?  As a natural health practitioner, people I see on a daily basis are looking for something different.  Modern Medicine as we Read more
  • The Gentling Guided Meditation
    Self-proclaimed Joymonger, Kamala Murphey loves helping frustrated, overwhelmed beings remember - and receive - what gives them joy and a sense of peace. The transmissions of peace in her audios Read more

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