• Arming Yourself Against Lyme
    The best approach may be to balance conventional and alternative medicine when dealing with a tick bite and the possible Lyme infection. We offer here the alternative method, but be sure Read more
  • The Complexity of Lyme Disease
    It’s tick season, an opportune time to take a look at the dreaded illness known as Lyme disease. It is important to state that not every tick bite results in Read more
  • Strawberry Quinoa Salsa, The Perfect Summer Side-Dish!
    1/4 cup cooked quinoa (prepared in lightly salted water) 1 cup chopped organic strawberries 1/2 cup chopped kiwi 1/2 cup chopped, seeded cucumber 1 tablespoon each raw, shredded coconut and Read more
  • Dr. Jerod's Prostate Prose
    Men have a bad habit of leaving their health up to their wives. The manly thing is to mow the grass and repair the vehicles and furnace – the important Read more
  • Defy Your Prostate DNA
    Prostate Health Tips Any male suffering with low energy, sleeping difficulties, and low-back or neck/shoulder pain may have a mineral-starved prostate gland. The prostate needs 10 times the amount of zinc Read more
  • The Bra of Death
    Okay, that title was a bit harsh, I know, but we've all seen the ads of just how perfect 'the girls' can look in one of those tight underwire pushup Read more
  • Switching On Your Vital Life Again
    Switching On Your Vital Life Again A remarkable Biological Breakthrough is now becoming public knowledge and accessible for you to improve your health. If you are reading this, you are one of Read more
  • Ooooh, our FAVORITE summertime KALE!
    Don't make it hard for yourself to get the benefit of kale on a daily basis.  It's as easy as throwing it into your morning smoothie! Since it grows well, and Read more
  • Parasite Protection
    The single most important thing you can do is to avoid sugar! Parasites thrive on sugar — as do all the other immune system challenges (fungus, virus, and bacteria). In fact, they Read more
  • The Parasite Quiz: Find Out If They're In YOU!
    A parasite is an organism that lives off another organism, animal or human. They travel throughout the body, live off of the food and nutrients, and leave their waste behind! (Not Read more
  • Harvard Lawyer's Guided Vipassana Meditation
    Daniel Bowling is a mediation trainer for the US District Court for Northern California. He co-edited/co-authored Bringing Peace into the Room -- the first book on mediation to focus on Read more
  • 7 Major Hiding Places for Sneaky Germs!
    When we use the term 'GERM', in general we are referring to bacteria, viruses, fungi (mold/candida), and/or parasites.  Any of these will cause your body to function less than optimally.  Read more
  • Yummilicious Weight Loss Popsicles
    Green Tea, Lime, and Ginger Pops Cut a 1 inch piece peeled fresh ginger into slices. Add to a saucepan with 2 cups of filtered water. Bring to a boil and Read more
  • Stress and Anxiety FREE Miracle Meditation
    This meditation is designed to skyrocket your success with binaural beat, and neurolinguistic enhanced brainwave retraining.  The meditations in the series we are featuring for the next several weeks are 8 Read more
  • Unlock Your New Life HERE!
      GUESS WHAT?!  Research has now proven that the genes or DNA you were born with do NOT determine your health future.  And in fact, this past 12 years of focused Read more
  • The Challenge of Raising Healthy Kids
    When it comes to feeding your kids in preparation for a lifestyle of health and happiness, it not only gets confusing in choosing the right types of foods, but it Read more

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