• Less Effort, More Focus
    Nowadays, we are absolutely inundated with incoming information. Our unconscious mind absorbs over 11 million bits of information every waking second, while we are only consciously aware of an average Read more
  • Nuke or Not
    In an era now inundated with technology, we are simmering in a soup of Electromagnetic Waves (EMWs). An Electromagnetic Frequency Wave is defined as radiation consisting of waves of energy Read more
  • Interesting Recent Studies
    Depression and Omega 3’s: Once again, fish oils top my chart as the number one supplement on the planet! For about 4 years, nearly 500 male and female subjects battling Read more
  • Fat Kids
    Sorry, but there’s really no nice way to put it. American kids are growing fatter and fatter each year. It troubles me that we have to spend so much time, Read more
  • Change Your Jeans
    Sorry, this is not actually an article on what style of pants to wear. Instead we will be discussing how the genes that make up your cells can be influenced Read more
  • On Purpose
    For some reason it is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and totally forget what we came here to do.  I have Read more
  • Longevity Tips from the Taoist Monks
    The Taoist Monks are some of the healthiest and longest living people on the face of the earth today and they have obtained this status for over 2300 years. Today Read more
  • Longevity Protocol
    Have you made a decision to stay young and vibrant for as long as possible? Then read on. Below are some easy steps to longevity, youthful glow, and quality long Read more
  • Is Feng Shui for Real?
    As my recent studies have been pulling me toward the Asian cultures due to their unprecedented health and longevity, it is inevitable that I run across much information about the Read more
  • The Healthiest Birthday Party Ever
    People always ask me what I do for my kids on their birthdays as far as 'treats' are concerned. As I was planning for my youngest child's 4th birthday party, Read more
  • Fukushima…are we in the clear?
    Although we haven't been hearing about the largest man made disaster to date on our planet lately, the effects of this devastation are now reaching far beyond China and will Read more
  • Energy Medicine, A New Frontier?
    We have all heard about Einstein and his revolutionary equation E=MC2. Initially when this was discovered, the connection to total health and healing was overlooked. However, thousands of years before Read more
  • Emotional Constipation
    The more information I scour, the more I understand that the real being inside of us, (let's call it our soul for lack of a better way to define it) Read more
  • Defy Your DNA
    If you've been paying attention to the field of genetics, you know now that scientists have realized that what is built inside your genes is not necessarily the outcome you Read more
  • Death Begins in the Colon!
    If you've ever worked with a natural or alternative health care practitioner, you may have heard this title statement before. If the colon or large intestine is loaded with old Read more
  • Ten Green Rules
    I considered myself extremely lucky to have in-laws very close by with an amazing garden each year.  They did all the work, and my family reaped the benefits!  I knew Read more

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